Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adventures in Online Commerce P.2

I did it! I picked a name for my online shop. As daunting as that hurdle was, I managed to a) pick a name that I could live with (and that wasn't lame) and b) wasn't already taken by someone else, which by the way is always a possibility. Phew.
Now on to the next task: filling out the rest of this behemoth.

"Pro" or "basic"? I chose "basic" for now, as to be rather blunt, it's free. No, you don't get all the extras, but that's just more stuff to fill out and who wants that? Not moi.

"Avatar": easy. I have one always on hand (my self-portrait as an old-style pilot: I like it anyway and it has served me well.), but if you don't, you can always put up something temporarily in the meantime. Maybe a photo of your old Auntie or pet lemur or the type of thing you'll be selling, how novel? At least you can change it, in any case.
"Shop banner" (also easy): now that your shop/studio has a name, it's just a matter of picking a nice font (I just used one I downloaded for free off the internet.) and put it over top of a nice copyright free image. I figured, this could always be changed later as well. I want to get up and running, right?

Fortunately, with the "basic" package, you don't get much choice when designing your page; in fact, you only get a choice of 3 colour schemes. I choose the blue one. Done!

At having to fill out the shop bio, blurb and policies, I feel a sudden urge to lie down for a nap....

To be continued...

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