Monday, December 6, 2010

Adventures in Online Commerce P. 3

I find nothing harder then writing about one's self. I even have a former instructor, who would laugh at knowing how true this is for me. Usually, if I have to write my own bio, it means finding something else more meaningful (and possibly more painful) to do avoid this task: like the laundry; or housework; or plucking my eyebrows. But, never the less, here we are. So, I skip ahead to the Method of Payment.
You figure this would be pretty easy, but there was more to it than I thought, as I had to set up my own PayPal account. Don't get me wrong, there were other options. But, how many people do you know, who shop online, pay by check. Really? Sooooo, I sign up for my PayPal Account, but it will still take a few days for everything to be confirmed. Good thing, I'm not ready to open shop as I still have a bio, blurb and shop policies to write up. Remember?
Something tells me this whole undertaking is going to take longer then I anticipated. be continued.....

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  1. It took me forever to do it too. You'll be happy once all the background stuff is done. ;0)

  2. Thank you. I feel much better now.
    I am truly amazed at the work that needs to be put into this. I have new found respect for all who have undertaken the task. I have started and I will see it through...and will continue to blog about it;D