Friday, September 23, 2011

Ryosuke Cohen Brain Cell

The mail delivery was late yesterday. So late, in fact, that I thought is was a "no mail day" (not even junk mail, which sometimes has it's merits.). I had just come in from my evening walk, only to see the mailman making his delivery. "It's a letter from Japan for you." says my husband, handing it to me. I saw the name and return address and thought, "Wow! A Ryosuke Cohen Brain Cell (#799)!" I had only heard/read about them. I never actually expected to receive one. The Boychild thought it was so cool, that he has been begging to hang it in his room (or at least make a copy for him to hang.). Me thinks I may have a future little mail-artist in the works.
And, that my friends, is inspiration of the "Brain Cell".
 For more information on Ryosuke Cohen:

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