Monday, September 6, 2010

5 things about the "Ex"...

I had my once yearly (or mostly yearly) visit to the Canadian National Exhibition or the "Ex", as many so fondly refer to it. Anyway, in order to mark the end of this years Ex, here are my 5 fondest thoughts on it, not in any partcular order:

5) The Airshow; I admit it, I love the Airshow. I am completely amazed at the nerve of some of the pilots and how they allow their planes do what they do. I know people complain about the noise, the pollution etc., but it's only once a year. This year Mother Nature made sure of that.

4)The Food: Where else can you eat a whole bag of Tiny Tom Donuts or fried butter or Belgian Waffles with ice cream and not actually feel guilty about it?

3)The Crowds: I'm not big on crowded places, nor do I like line ups either, but if I was from another planet, this would definately be the place to go to observe humanity. Fascinating!

2)The Shopping: I see people walking arounds with bag loads of stuff. Could someone please tell me where this secret amazing shopping area is, as I can't seem to find it.

1)The End: The Ex always marks the last 18 days before the kids go back to school and I know all you parents out there are secretly checking off your calenders, aren't you?

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