Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Dollhouse Gets A New Roof...

...and more...
When I last left off, the rescued dollhouse was now stripped down and roofless. Much has changed since then. Thanks to my husband, Pete's help ("It's just like fixing guitars!") it now has a lovely new roof:
Using the old roof as a template for the new one.

 the "nasty crack" above the door has been repaired:
Very nasty, isn't it?
A dab of some wood glue...
...and some drying time

 It also has been shellacked both inside and out, so it can be painted, and the brickwork can be added:
I removed the staircase temporarily... I could shellack the interior.

 I also decided to make it a Tudor styled house, which required me to spend some time mocking up a design on my computer. You got to love those photo programs!:

Now, I it's time to add some "woodwork" to the outside:

 So, things are cooking along nicely...I may even have enough done that I can take it into the house from the garage before the cold weather hits (or I just go and  get a good pair of thermals!).

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