Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I See You! I Buy You!

A few weeks ago, we were on a lovely Sunday drive outside of Toronto checking out the fall colours. They were glorious, let me tell you! We (that's Pete and the Boychild and me) decided to stop at an antique market in Glen Williams, where I spot this beauty of a dollhouse. Another fixer upper. Resistance is futile...so, $20 dollars later, it's coming home with us.

A few days later, as I have decided that it definitely needs a new roof, so I tear it off.

 The siding, I have decided is too modern for my taste; so I spend the next two hours tearing that off as well, until it is just the bones.

A new friend found within...

 I look upon my "demolition" work with great pride. Talk about a great stress reliever...now just to figure out what to do with it...

Log house...possibly?!

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