Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dancers and Smiling Dogs...New Mail Art

I received these 2 wonderful pieces of mail yesterday afternoon.

"Smile Dogs" from Angie Cope ( and Snooky)
Angie is currently mounting a Mail Art show called "Celebrate The Dog 2012" of which there have been many wonderful mail art pieces submitted. I submitted one myself and received this very cheerful collage from Angie. How did she know I loved pugs? They always look like they're smiling. Thank you for the lovely card, Angie and good luck with your show!

"Dance, Dancer, Dancing"
Another sweet surprise that arrived in yesterday's mail was this collage postcard from Ursula Rodgers. I love the vintage yet modern feel and again the pure joy that radiates from it. But, the real surprise was the sketch on the back of the card:
It's so lovely, you really can feel the dancer's movement, like she will dance off the page at any moment. Brilliant! Thank you, Ursula, for sending me this beautiful mail art.

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