Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes. I Do Get Great Mail...Steampunk Edition.

My other blog, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Travels The World, has been keeping me happily very busy, but I've been sadly neglecting my duties on this one. So, without any further ado:

Two From Angie:

A few weeks ago, I made a comment that if there was a television program made of my life, it would probably be called "Hipster Mom Stuck In The Suburbs And Constantly Waiting For Her Son's Bus". Truth is usually stranger then fiction. Anyway, dear Angie (and Snooky) sent me these two lovely cards. The first is a a very Steampunk Snooky helping me wait for my own bus (probably a steam powered one.). The card cheered me immensely needless to say.
Almost a week later, I received a 2nd card! This amazing "Joseph Cornell" card! He is one of my "Art Hero's", Angie, and I thank you again for such awesome cards!

A "Steamy" Card From Deb By Golly:

From By Golly Engineering comes the "Steam Machine", a vehicle after my own heart! Drive one of these and nobody will ever steal your parking spot ever again. Looking forward to seeing more of your "Steamy" creations, Deb!

From Cheryl Penn:
 Not really Steampunk, but it is brown and brown, after all, is the new black. But, kidding aside, this is some kind of wonderful piece and because it's done on a film-type material it looks different every time I look at it from all angles, back and front, held up to the light, etc.which is why I'm posting 3 different photos of it. In fact, this is so lovely that the photographs cannot really do it justice. Really "Gotij", Cheryl! Thank you.

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