Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weed control

The other day a couple guys came by offering " weed control and lawn care" and would I be interested in a free assessment of my lawn. "Go ahead, knock yourselves out", I tell them.

Now, this never happened in my old 'hood, where my lawn was like 90% weeds. The lawn at my new place actually looks quite good and I'm certainly not feeling that it needs a $300 care package.

So, they give me their expert advice, which I'm only partially listening to, as I am trying to keep my eyeballs on my son who thinks he's Evil Knievel these days on his bike. They hand me a sheet of paper and I tell them that I will pass it along to my husband, who's domain is the lawn.

Just then I look across the road to my neighbours, the " diplomats". Their lawn is full of weeds and makes ours look like a golf course.
"Why don't you guys go there?", I suggest. "It looks like their grass can use more help then mine."
"Thanks for the tip", they reply and off they go, to offer their lawncare services.

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