Sunday, March 8, 2009

When 2 meetings meet

The other night, I had forgotten my son's camera at the church where his cub meeting is held. I am mortified.

So, we turn around and drive back. I knew the church would still be open as there is always a CA meeting held afterwards. I figured I could quietly pop in and get it without disturbing the meeting.

The meeting is really hopping and thinking I slip in without notice. Wrong.I am suddenly greeted at the door;

"Sister, welcome to our meeting. It's so good of you to come."

Not sure how to respond without embarrassing this Greeter ( or myself), I open my coat to show my Cub leaders uniform and tell him I was at the earlier meetng and was there to pick up something I had forgotten (this is after having shaken the hands of 2 other "greeters", who decended upon me.).

I get my son's camera bag and on my way out thank the 1st "greeter" for his warm welcome and then proceed to shake his hand, confusing the situation a bit more.

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