Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Survived The Lego Store Grand Opening...

...and lived to tell the tale...

Ha! What some parents, including moi, won't do for their children...wait in long line-ups on the opening weekend of the Lego Store at Sherway Gardens. I have always taken the attitude that nothing was worth waiting in a long line for; concert tickets, sales, amusement park rides, etc. Well, you get the picture. Not until this weekend anyway. My son, who is quite the Lego-maniac, had been counting down the days when this Mecca of brick-topia would be opening, so how could we disappoint? And so, we wait in line. Not an easy task. One of the staff had noticed my son was having difficulties waiting; she spoke to him, and, I guess, spoke to a supervisor. She kindly let him jump the cue. I couldn't thank her enough.
He quickly picked out his Lego kits he'd been saving for and gave them to Dad who lined up to pay.
So, I followed him around for the next hour (yes, that's how long the line up was to pay), while he excitedly wandered from place to place looking at all that was offered.

There was some very cool displays; my favorite being the Lego biker girl (above)
and the Lego sushi (below).

The staff were incredibly nice and answered all my son's queries. He's very excited about joining their builder's club. I'm excited that they have bricks in Tardis blue (but, I will get them another day.).
So, was all this worth the line-ups and madness? I just had to look at the Boychild's face to see it was.

"Hey Mom! This looks like you!"

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